We have the Pope!

Pope Francis : a server, a herald of simplicity

…….San Francis Assisi is a Saint that transcends the Catholic Church and is loved by all people, a saint who reached out for simplicity, poverty and care for the poor…….

                                        “ I want a poor Church for the poor people.” 

 .........We are touched by your humility.. the name you have chosen is a sign for us that attention to the plight of the poor and justice for all people will be important for you…….

(The World Communion of Reformed Church)

During his first day as a Pope, Francis visited Santa Maria Maggiore (St Mary Major) Basilica. The Argentinian pontiff, who was elected the first South American pope,  prayed before a famous icon of the Virgin Mary called the Salus Populi Romani (Protectress of the Roman People).

        Pope Francis also sang the Salve Regina hymn and spoke to people in the church to confess. «Mercy, mercy, mercy,» the pope said. «You are confessors, so be merciful with the souls. They need it».


In the sign of these  significant themes,  NET Rome  invites you in Italy:

- To welcome Pope Francis
- To visit San Francis’s sites
- To  pray at Marian Shrines

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