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Written by Stephen Langfur
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Mt. of Beatitudes
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The Mount of Beatitudes: A Walk Down the Mountain

At any daylight hour, one may walk down the hill to the area of Tabgha, following a rough dirt path. Good walking shoes are a must. In hot weather: have water, a hat and both hands free. After a rain, don't try it. There is a fence down below, and the gate may be locked, necessitating a wide detour to the east.

In making this walk, we are probably on a piece of the Great Trunk Road from the First Testament period, before the Romans bridged the mouth of the Upper Jordan. This later became a local road joining the shore with Chorazin above  us. Jesus  probably used it often. 

Halfway down the path, looking slightly to the east, we can see how the landscape formed a natural theatre for anyone addressing a multitude from the shore (see, for example, Luke 5:1-11).