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Written by Stephen Langfur
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Dome of the Rock

Logistics for a visit to the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque

Telephone numbers:
(02) 622 6250, 622 6270 (Israeli police at site)
(02) 6283313, 6272358 (Muslim Supreme Council)

The whole esplanade is closed to tourists on Fridays, Saturdays and certain holidays, so one should always check by phone in advance. On other days it is open from  07:30 to 10:00 and for an hour a little after noon. Be prepared to wait a long time on line for the security check. As of the present writing (March 2016), only Muslims are permitted inside the buildings.

  • Arms and legs must be fully and opaquely covered, although males may wear short sleeves.
  • Only Muslims are permitted to pray or sing on the esplanade.
  • One is not allowed entry with anything that the police may interpret as a religious item, such as a Bible, a song book, a crucifix, pictures of religious figures, or pictures of the temple.
  • One is not allowed entry with anything that the police may interpret as a weapon, even a pocket knife.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • No physical contact between the sexes is allowed.
  • Inside the buildings (currently off limits to all but Muslims), one must not sit down.
  • One should not open diagrams of the area, e.g., of the Temple.
  • Entrance to the esplanade is free, but one must buy a ticket to enter the buildings (currently off limits).
  • One may photograph outside the buildings, but not inside them.
  • Before entering the Dome of the Rock or the al-Aksa mosque, one must leave shoes and all portable belongings outside. Ask a friend to guard them.
  • During Ramadan one is not to eat or drink in the area.
  • Rest rooms are available inside the Ablution Gate, west of and down from the Dome of the Rock. They are the oldest public rest rooms in existence, built in 1194. They are well maintained. A small fee is charged (currently 5 shekels).