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Written by Stephen Langfur
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First Jewish Revolt
Masada and revolt


Telephone 08-6584207/8

The staff attempts to do all the maintenance work on the cable car after closing hours, but it is prudent to check. Under severe weather conditions, the cable car may be closed, and/or the Snake Path may be closed.

Nature Reserves and National Parks (Main office: 02/500-5444)

Opening hours:

April 1 through September 30, from 0500 - 17000500 - 1700. (Entrance until 16.00)*
October 1 through March 31, from 0500 - 16000500 - 1600. (Entrance until 15.00)*

*On Fridays and the eves of Jewish holidays, the sites close one hour earlier. For example, on a Friday in March one must enter by 14.00 and leave by 15.00.

The cablecar operates on the half hour or whenever 40 passengers are gathered.

Starting an hour before sunrise, one may climb Masada on foot, using either the Snake Path from the east or the Roman ramp from the west. Wear good walking shoes, bring water, have both hands free, protect your head from the sun and do not attempt shortcuts. It is wise to avoid the Snake Path during the hot hours of summer days.