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Written by Stephen Langfur
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Ein Gedi
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Ein Gedi: Logistics for a Visit

Telephone 08-658 4285

Ein Gedi is a Nature Reserve (no plucking, no eating except at designated sites).

Opening hours:

April-September: 8:00-17:00
October-March: 8:00-16:00

The reserve officials enforce these hours strictly in deference to the needs of the animals, which come down to drink. In winter, if you want to do the short hike to the waterfall in the David River and back, you should arrive no later than 14:30. If you want to ascend as far as the Chalcolithic temple, you'll need to arrive by 13:30. But if you plan, for example, to climb as far as the Judean military outpost on the upper plateau, you should be at the Chalcolithic temple no later than 10:00, meaning that you should arrive at Ein Gedi by 09:00. It is best to phone ahead a day in advance and check your plans with the reserve authorities.

One must have good hiking shoes, a hat and plenty of drinking water. Because of the heat and dryness, the body loses water quickly near the Dead Sea.

Nature Reserves and National Parks (Main office: 02/500-5444)